Creative background images for Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, Google Meet (Hangouts) and Microsoft Teams enable you to put background images into your video feed.

Daniel Seiler
3 min readApr 9, 2020

Tired of boring bookshelves and beach background images?

Find your most creative, curated background in this library of background images.

How to download the free background

You can download by saving right clicking the image and saving it to your computer downloads folder or desktop and then uploading it in the custom image background settings menu of your video call application.

1. Distracted Boyfriend meme

Copyright “FloraEGill”
Distracted Boyfriend meme
Horizontally flipped

2. Fighter Pilot

Put your head inside the helmet of a F16 pilot.

3. The Librarian

Perfect if you’re placed in the center of the image, makes you look literate.

Library via Unsplash by @mederafael

4. Crowd

Funny in times of social distancing

Crowd via Unsplash by @nickxshotz

5. The Insider Joke

What might look like an industrial background carries a hidden joke for insiders and those who observe carefully. It’s the meth lab where Jessie and Heisenberg manufactured the product.

The Breaking Bad Superlab (found on Breaking Bad Fandom)

6. Back of the Car

Copyright to author

7. The Priest

Copyright to author

8. The Train Conducteur

@matreding via Unsplash

9. The Pilot

@dallimonti via Unsplash

10. Dust II — Counter Strike

Via Counter Strike Fandom

11. Trailer Park

by William Widmer for the New York Times

12. Cozy Fireplace

by “Calmed By Nature”

All of the featured images are under copyright by their respective creators.

Thanks for helping yourself ;)



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